Information that until now could only be found in numerous volumes of text, is available in the quick reference manual The Little Red Book and NEW Interative CD. Both the Handbook and CD are specifically designed for the field requirements of the energy professional. A must for auditors, engineers, consultants, DSM planners, facility managers, architects and inspectors. 

The Little Red Book and Interactive CD span topics such as Electrical, Lighting, HVAC, Building envelope, Alternative energy, Climatological data, Fuels and Motors. 

The following are some examples of the wealth of data you'll find in the pages of this information-packed guide and CD. To view a sample page for each section, click it's title. For a complete Table of Contents, click here. [These sample pages have been reformatted for viewing on the web.] 


Conversion Factors: Areas, Volumes, Weights, Pressures, Power, Metrics, Heat values of fuels...

Economics: Present worth, Compound amount, Single and uniform series...

Electrical: Ohm's Law (dozens of applications), Horsepower, Meter-spin-test, Power Factor... 

Fuels: Boyle's Law, Charles' Law, Dalton's Law, Graham's Law, Perfect gas laws, Partial pressures...

Envelope: R-Values and weights of various insulation materials, Heat transfer coefficients and calculations, Degree day calculations...

Solar: Insolation rates for various angles, Mean sunlight percentage by location...

Lighting: Lamp-life and efficacy comparisons, Electro-magnetic spectrum chart, illuminance categories and values, Lighting economics...

Motors: Pump and fan laws/affinity curves, Torque-work-power formulae...

HVAC: Duct sizing calculations, KW/TON to COP and EER, Chiller efficiency calculations, Sensible/latent heat calculations...


All of the information in the book was put together for energy professionals, by energy professionals. Take advantage of the extensive data in this compact, easy to use package. 

The Energy Design Update,Feb. '95 states: "The selection of information is quite practical -- there is a good balance between basic equations such as those for degree-day calculations and more advanced equations such as fan law application formulas."

The Handbook is:

  • Pocket sized, 3 3/4" x 5 1/2".
  • Spiral bound for ease of use (won't flip closed).
  • Compiled and formatted for easy access.
  • Designed for quick readability.
  • Printed on recycled paper.

Interactive CD Features:

  • The entire Little Red Book in electronic format.
  • Digitally interactive (Math is done automatically on dozen's of equations).
  • Fully searchable database.
  • Use with laptops for the on-the-go energy professional.
  • Will last a lifetime.
  • Multiple Use Licenses Available.

 TO ORDER the CD or Handbook of Formulae, Equations and Conversion Factors for the Energy Professional

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